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However, the Forex broker providing it has been suspected by FPA in the past of “fake and highly” suspicious reviews. Traders are advised to always consider licensed brokers because authorities monitor their activities. We might earn a commission when visitors shop at our partner stores after visiting our platform. For our efforts, we receive a small commission on behalf of the partner store.

LimeFX scam

Although there are several unregulated brokers that can still be trusted, LimeFX is not among them. I advice it is still best to only deal with regulated brokers to ensure security and return of investment. Always check for license numbers and enlistment of regulation authorities when checking for regulations. Because of the change in their overall tone of dealing with me as a client, I began to suspect and worry for my investment. He even told me from time to time several kinds of alibi just to prevent me from withdrawing. Our team of experts is thoroughly familiar with different types of scams such and broker login problems.

Also I just found the broker itself providing Nasdaq to trade, which is one of the most volatile instrument there. And this company are always developing investments strategy their service. It is very important, especially after a series of bankruptcies. It is my main company for trading, and I wish it prosperity.


That is why I place a high value on quick execution and narrow spreads. One of the ways many brokers attract new clients is through the use of bonuses as well as competitions and offers. The LimeFX scam is no different and has multiple offers as a way to attract new, unsuspecting clients, and retain some of their current clientele. We like to see brokers with multiple communication channels and we applaud LimeFX for doing this but the customer service itself is dismal. It appears LimeFX opinions of you and its other clients are that you all are nothing more than a way to earn money and not actual people with lives, families, hopes, and dreams.

LimeFX scam

Although I should have seen this coming, given that Fresh Forex is ‘NOT’ a regulated broker by any financial authority. It is inevitable to avoid stumbling upon seemingly-good-but-turns-out-horrible kind of broker brands, especially with the increasing number of brokers ever where. And I can say that have dealt with a good amount of, if not bad, horrible brokers, for one reason or another. Due to these interesting features, I was tricked into opening an account right away even though I have only tested everything through their demo account for around 3-4 times. However, with scam LimeFX login problems, this does not happen. You will simply have to input your username and password over and over again and nothing happens.

My manager back then when I was still trading at LimeFX was really nice and accommodating when I just started my live account. He was really nice and always answered all my inquiries and was quick to help if I didn’t know something at that time. LimeFX deletes order history and disables accounts! Since my bad encounter with LimeFX, I have been in the constant search to finding similar experiences of other traders with this broker. And as I go deeper in the internet, I found more bad things about LimeFX. It turns out, LimeFX is really at making fake good reviews about its company and burying real bad reviews to appear like a great broker to unsuspecting clients.

How can clients know ahead of time that the broker will simply take off with their money one day? The truth is, there are often plenty of red flags that indicate ahead of time that the broker may not be honest. This sounds like a terrible scenario and perhaps too bad to be true. The practice of brokers disappearing and LimeFX login problems have been happening for many years, and with the increase in financial fraud, it is becoming more common.

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What this provides clients with, in the form of protection, is obviously not going to be of the same level as a licensed and regulated broker. Unfortunately, LimeFX is not regulated by the financial authority in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. This alone is a serious red flag and should be the reason for you to cross LimeFX off your list of possible brokers.

You may think that this is a technical problem and try again later, and find the same result. There may be a message saying that the site is down due to technical problems. Thank you for visiting our LimeFX Review We hope this information is helpful to you about possible issues with fraud brokers. The quickest and easiest way to contact customer support is through live chat, which is available 24/5. Ability to speak in the same language with other traders.

  • Use the coupon or offers you find on BlackBull Markets to have a great online shopping experience.
  • Ability to speak in the same language with other traders.
  • However, insidebitcoins has found that GMO certainly is a serious platform.
  • Paste link of the video with a detailed description of your claims.

This sounds like a scenario in a horror movie, but unfortunately, it occurs often. If the LimeFX login is unavailable, that may not be a definite sign of a scam. All websites experience technical problems now and again, but if the site provides no solution to logging in, that is a good indication that you have been the target of a scam. Tradeable bonus 101% – This requires a minimum deposit of $1,000 to receive 101%.

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It certainly is a legit platform that you can make money with. The best way to trade on it is through an auto/trading bot called cryptosoft. LimeFX uses metatrader 4 platform, the most popular software for professional trading that is used by traders worldwide. I opened an account, wherein the recommended starting value was at a minimum of $200, although that was not required. Being the beginner that I am, I immediately deposited $500 to the live account that opened, with the basis of a handful of good remarks and ok demo account experience. To top it all off, LimeFX is not a regulated broker!

If you’re looking for Coupon Codes or coupons at LimeFX, then you’ll be here at the right place! We update daily our coupons and offers, we search for you the best LimeFX Coupon Codes and offers, you will always save on your online purchases with our coupons. At the list on top of this page, you’ll see all the offers, coupons, coupon codes and discounts currently available at LimeFX. He told me all interesting features where I can make more profit with less deposit using their advanced tools, so on and so forth. In addition to that, he told me that they have a monthly bonus to their clients if our accounts reach a certain profit within the month. There are a number of different account types available, all of which have no minimum deposit requirements.

You will then get a verification code on your email to finalise your registration. Before registering new customers have to go through a questionnaire designed to assess the level of trading experience of potential users. Based on the answers the system will decide what account type the customer is fitter for.

It is totally in character for Forex educators to start out with claims of making clients richer. This is because everyone seeking out easier ways to trade effectively does so to make more LimeFX Forex Broker Review: Can You Trust It or Not profit. Pretty much appreciate of what they have done on their ECN account, pretty tight commission that you can instantly cover with your profits no matter how small the profit is.

The MetaTrader platform is well known throughout the online trading world and is used by all types of brokers. While many only employ the MT4 platform, LimeFX surprisingly offered the more complex and less popular MT5 platform. On the surface, this may seem to make LimeFX legit. After all, both of these are highly respected platforms. None of these three accounts have a minimum deposit, however, LimeFX does have a recommended minimum deposit, which can only be seen as a marketing ploy.

LimeFX Scam Broker Reviews

We want to help our loyal visitors as much as possible to get a discount at as many online webshops. Therefore, beside LimeFX, we have over 20’000 other online webshops on our website with a wide range of Coupon Codes, offers and promotional codes. There are two types of vouchers, the first is a code that is redeemed at the online store.

Great, just click on the “copy” button, go to your favorite online shop and redeem the code at the shopping cart. Based on our test of GMO trading, we can say with certainty that it is a legit platform. It prides itself of prioritising customer satisfaction over anything else. So I lost more than a grand in a broker I initially thought was good.

But even if you deposit a minimum of $100, it will entitle the account holder to a 75% LimeFX bonus. I am with LimeFX, and their trade execution is Preferred stock fast. Aside from it, I also like their tight spreads, and hassle-free withdrawal process. If you are a new trader, you may want to try this broker out.

Then after maybe around a week of trying out everything Fresh Forex offered, I felt confident that I can start actually trading real money with them. As I previously wrote about this broker, I vented some of my frustrations over this broker from months ago. Then as I was reading more reviews and such, I saw similar complains about LimeFX having terrible customer service and going rogue on their clients. LimeFX has a trick that it uses among new traders or beginners in the industry. Make sure to check if the LimeFX platform is legitimate and does not have bad reviews. If the platform has bad reviews, this is a definite red flag that the LimeFX platform may have a general trend of allowing scam brokers.

It is important that we do not confuse GMO trading with crypto-trading robots like cryptosoft or bitcoin loophole. It is actually a forex broker offering a stock exchange for trading in a variety of stocks, market indices, commodities, cfds and more. Investors can trade in both cryptocurrencies and other currencies. The platform also offers services linked to the safe-keeping of financial instruments.

There you will be able to deposit your funds to start trading. The deposit can be made through bitcoin, neteller, pay retailers and of course credit or debit cards. As we already mentioned, GMO trading boasts a wide variety of foreign exchange.

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